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“Having previously worked together at an English language newspaper in Bolivia we understood the entire process of getting a paper out in South America and were confident we could do the same in Buenos Aires, where the only competition was from the Buenos Aires Herald, a paper that still reserved four pages a week for the shipping news. " said Kristie, a Liverpool university International Relations and Spanish graduate from Warwickshire.

With the help of a web developer friend back in London, The Argentimes website launched simultaneously, while a photographer friend who just happened to be planning a sabbatical to South America agreed to join the team and take the pictures. Although we were living off our savings and weren’t earning a wage, the paper was paying for itself.

En 1934, adoptó el nombre de LS5 Radio Rivadavia a raíz de una disposición general del gobierno.

Al año siguiente el gobierno nacional (presidente Hipólito Yrigoyen) se hizo cargo de la radio adoptando el nombre de LS5 Estación Rivadavia.

I don’t know who to trust.' By a stroke of luck he put me in touch with his friend in Buenos Aires who happened to be a small business investor.“In order to protect ourselves, we had a clause written in to the contract that said if Rivadavia defaulted on two consecutive payments it would lose ownership to us.We didn’t expect them to use it to their advantage,” said Kristie.By the end of 2008 Kristie was approached by Radio Rivadavia media company with a £50,000 offer for 80 per cent of the newspaper.Kristie and her partner would retain a stake, she would continue to edit the paper and also receive a salary from the media company and a new office. “The fact that we would lose our independence as a paper was difficult to swallow, even though I was promised there would be no editorial interference.

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Our home was our office and we sold advertising to the hostels, hotels, bars and restuarants, knowing full well they wanted the custom from the young people reading our paper.

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